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The Formal Page
The Homeless Mathematician
"To Iterate is Human; To Recurse is Divine."

Welcome, kind guest. As you gaze at your video screen, you are viewing

The Formal Page of The Homeless Mathematician,

the sentient being who performs formal formulations by respecting the Form and Substance of each Object with equal dignity. Working with his associates, he performs consulting and formal design services for business.

Please wander through these pages, as The Homeless Mathematician has wandered through this experience called "life". There are many Objects which will be the Subject of Discussion. Perhaps, there will be a "Connection", la James Burke and "The Day the Universe Changed". That is what MMM/WWW, i.e.,

Morphing Multi-Media
over the
World Wide Web

is all about. There will be several opportunities for you to express what you may, or may not, think or feel.

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After embracing Mathematics at an early age, in the scientific heyday that followed the launch of Sputnik into orbit, The Homeless Mathematician stepped into a world with little esteem for the Spirit of Mathematics.

Now, at long last, CyberSpace has begun to manifest on the Grand Scale and a full expression of the Form and Substance of this Spirit is possible. Before exploring this expression, there are a number of Formal Formalities, namely:

  * Standard Formalities * * Objective Formalities * * Subjective Formalities *  
that must be addressed.
Once these formalities have been addressed and satisfied, then the
  * Formalities of Substance *  
may be addressed.
If this sounds too academic, you can still get back to doing business.
On the lighter side of things, there is a lot of
silliness, satire, links, and stuff to be found with
  * Subjective Informalities *  

if you continue to scroll down,
you will be subjected to various
Experiential and Representational Forms,
which transform the Form of Distinction,
onto formalisms such as:
Analogy and Analysis
Form and Substance
Quality and Quantity


Standard Formalities

Standard Formalities are established to assure that the needs and agendas of all concerned parties are respected with equal dignity. This is especially useful when the kind reader is crossing over into an unknown domain. The following items should answer any general "who, what, why, where, or when" questions.

* Who is The Homeless Mathematician?
* What does Formal Formulations actually do?
* Why Homeless?
* Where? Here!
* When? Answer: Now!

Objective Formalities

We live in a universe of Objects and everything in the universe is an Object, of one form or another, real or imagined. The term "Objective Formalities" suggests both the concept of Formalities that are Objective; and the concept of Formalities associated with Objects. Take a quick look at the formal dictionary definitions for Objective, as distinct from to Subjective. After these touchstone definitions, the following topics discuss various types of Objects. Once the kind reader has been objectified, then the Paradigm of Form and Substance may be studied and applied as a general methodology to any Object.

* The Metaphysics of Abstract or Imagined Objects.
* The Physics of Real Objects.
* The Form and Substance of Objects (Abstract, Imagined, or Real ).
* The Form of Interaction between Two Objects. .......Coming soon

Subjective Formalities

The term "Subjective Formalities" suggests a set of rules that are set forth by the political institutions of the realm.

* Conditions and Legal statements.

Subjective Informalities

Okay. This is where an eclectic assortment of thoughts, experiences, and knowledge all come together to make nonsense of the universe.

* An introduction and Welcome.
* Who? Me? Okay, here's some Biographical Stuff.
* The current state of Culture and Formality.
* The official Vengeance Theory of History.
* A short course about Ancient Mythologies.
* Formal and Informal Slack.
* Two distinctive Forms of Reasoning.
* Formal business services.
* Heavy duty Technical References.
* The classic Web Starting Points.
* Links ( and a comment ) for Fun Stuff.
* Virtual Reality and MMM / WWW .
* Direct access to Web Search Engines.
* The Web in the local DC Area.
* My list of 'other' WWW sites.
* A pair of sentient beings are watching.


Forms of Reasoning

Artifical Intelligence is exactly perfect,
for reasoning by pure Analysis ,


Natural Stupidity is needed,
for reasoning by imperfect Analogy .


Formalities of Substance

In the following topics, the formalities of Analogical and Analytical Reasoning are applied to Objects in order to clarify the Form and Substance of the Object.

There are two groups of topics.

The topics are partitioned in this manner because each Dialectic couple Forms a strong Analogy with the Paradigm of Form and Substance, and therefore reinforces the authenticity of the original Paradigm. The kind reader is warned that after going through the Dialectics, the Form and Substance of Objects will look and sound differently.

Dialectic Tools

* Form and Substance.
* Form and Substance
* Analogy and Analysis
* Quality and Quantity
* Other Dialectic Couples

Formal Applications

* Arithmetic, Numerical
* Arithmetic, Non-Numerical
* Computer Programming Languages
* Other Objects

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