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Robert M. Tufty (1948-1999) 

Robert Tufty is The Homeless Mathematician and has roamed the realm of computers for almost 30 years, until Cyberspace became manifest. While attending the University of Virginia in the late 1960's and early 70's, he provided programming services to several faculty members and became fascinated with computers as being "physical manifestations of truly interactive, purely mathematical entities". Now he crawls all over the Web looking for a Home and "stuff to do".


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Summary of Qualifications

Nearly 30 years of professional front-line experience
developing and using new technologies to solve
a wide spectrum of commercial, scientific, and management problems.

An undergraduate degree in pure mathematics and graduate study in biophysics provides a firm grounding in the disciplines required for detailed systems analysis and the ability to take in the meaning, nature, and importance of new technologies.


Companies and Clients

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American Real Estate Exchange ( AMREX )
Bethesda, MD ( 1994 - 1995 )

Off-site development of the executive news module for the AMREX information service system, using Windows, DOS, Visual Basic and MS Access, to download articles from various news services and lexically classify them into dynamically defined subjects of interest, for subsequent retrieval within the context of a client-server data base. Performed under contract from the The Apex Group, Inc.

General Electric Information Systems ( GEIS )
Rockville, MD ( 1994 - 1994 )

On-site support for general electric information systems product release effort, for the GEIS BT2000 information services software product using Windows, c, and c++. Responsibility included the review, confirmation, analysis and correction of QDRs ( Quality Defect Reports ) that were reported from the GEIS alpha and beta site customers. During the six month tenure at GEIS, the list of QDRs was reduced from an initial 150+ QDRs to a residual level of less than 10 QDRs . It should be noted that QDRs continued to be reported during the process. Performed under contract from the The Apex Group, Inc.

National Board Of Medical Examiners ( NBME )
Philadelphia, PA ( 1993 - 1994 )

Off-site development of a custom windows DLL to control the functionality of WordPerfect within the context of an Oracle database system. The DLL allows the behavior of WordPerfect to be controlled from an Oracle data base program, to restrict editing and other data manipulation functions on text items loaded from the Oracle data base. The contents of the database are used to construct the NBME certification examination. Performed under contract from the The Apex Group, Inc.

The Apex Group, Inc.
Columbia, MD ( 1990 - 1994 )

Invited to join the Apex Group, from the previous Applied Management Sciences subcontract association, to spearhead development of a Windows software services division. Initial effort involved adapting the Windows version of the Cognos Corporation's PowerHouse software for database statistical analysis, to conform to the object management conventions of the Hewlett-Packard NewWave Desktop environment. This work was successfully completed under a joint contract between Cognos and Hewlett-Packard, with Apex acting as the prime contractor.

Developed a user-friendly Windows program for populating a sample database with non-trivial, market specific information for demonstrating PowerHouse techniques as part of the HP NewWave "demo factory".

Developed a voice recognition interface utility for the NewWave Agent, using a speech recognition board from Texas Instruments. The desktop utility consisted of two components: a Microphone icon to indicate voice recognition mode and a Balloon of recognized sayings.

After successful completion of these projects, HP invited Apex to submit a proposal for a general purpose Work Task Routing System for a network of workstations connected by an OpenMail or an HP Mail network. Submitted a proposal which significantly enlarged the scope of the original request to incorporate general script execution by the NewWave Agent. HP accepted the expanded proposal and ultimately extended NewWave functionality to accommodate specific functional requirements of the WorkRouter software. Several successful releases of the HP WorkRouter product were completed, with virtually no defects being reported.

As a follow-up project, a task tracking utility was prototyped and demonstrated to HP, who then authorized development of a production quality version for both UNIX and V3000 type data bases. The tracking utility provided a Windows based query tool to access a data base that was updated by Workrouter status massages, and allowed a network task manager to track the progress of any task on the network in a both a visual and statistical mode.

Other projects completed for the Apex Group include:

Applied Management Sciences
Silver Spring, MD ( 1989 - 1990 )

Contract support of office automation efforts for the Navy PMS312 desk including: down-sizing an HP-3000 based V-3000 message preparation system onto a DOS platform; implementation of a Project Management system to automate the scheduling and production of Gantt charts for the Carrier Vessel (CV) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).

Maryland-National Capital Parks And Planning Commission (M-NCPPC)
Hyattsville, MD ( 1985 - 1988 )

Contract support to various departments of the Maryland-National Capital Parks And Planning Comission with data base design, audit, implementation, and staff training services. Applications Included plant management, vehicle maintenance, and police CAD. Revised HP-3000 data base systems.

Hewlett-Packard Company ( HP )
Cupertino, CA ( 1982 - 1984 )

As a member of the technical staff of the data base laboratory, on the four-member IMAGE-3000 team,

After reorganization of divisional responsibilities, worked on the Performance And Design Division management team to: interpret user survey results for performance, migration, and design strategies for HP-3000 to Spectrum upgrades; determine user file type usage statistics; implemented a User Defined Commands program interface shell for the Spectrum HPE operating system.

Proposed a Migration path strategy for the QUERY-3000 product, which was accepted by PADD management. Incentives were offered, but was unable to reach agreement on contract. Resigned due to a conflict of interest.

Rexham Corporation
Charlotte, NC ( 1981 - 1982 )

As an independent consultant contracting through the DASD corporation to the Rexham Corporation, provided HP-3000 technical briefing and conversion services from an Univac 1108 to an HP-3000 environment. Reported to the director of the Rexham data center. Converted custom KSAM file access intrinsic to the HP-3000 environment of SPL-3000 and COBOL-3000, to provided standardized access functions for the Rexham data files. The porting of these custom KSAM intrinsic procedures allowed immediate porting of the Rexham corporate reporting and maintenance COBOL-3000 software.

Completed contract responsibilities to accept employment with the Hewlett-Packard Company Data Base Lab in Cupertino, CA. Arranged consultant replacement for DASD, and briefed replacement of Rexham system.

Polaris, Inc.
Arlington, VA ( 1979 - 1981 )

Responsible for system design standards at Polaris, a start-up company formed from former members of the Keydata contract staff for the Management Information Systems (MIS) office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ). Continued development of the AQ-3000 query and reporting system for the DARPA MIS office. Secret clearance level. The executable code and user documentation was placed in the public domain via the HP Users Group Contributed Library.

Mentored programming and usage techniques to staff of eight programmers, and detailed training in Data base usage techniques for 25 government and contract users. Led design efforts, with two programmers, for development of a general function key driven screen window interface to an IMAGE-3000 data Base.

Keydata Corporation
Arlington, VA ( 1978 - 1979 )

Joined as a programmer analyst to the four member DARPA MIS contract technical support staff. Adapted and enhanced the QUERY-3000 source code and user manual as IQ-3000 and later as AQ-3000. About 35 copies of AQ-3000 were sold by keydata at $5,0000 each.

Promoted to Senior Programmer Analyst to direct further enhancement of AQ-3000 under a new management team. Assumed senior technical role for MIS data base applications development and implementation.

Terminated employment with Keydata to join a reorganized MIS contract support staff as Polaris, Inc.

Biomed Systems, Inc.
Herndon, VA ( 1976 - 1978 )

Responsible for programming support of this start-up company which serviced a Viral Oncology contract for the National Institutes of Health. Supervised three programmers in the development of a Natural language pathology data processing system based on an HP-1000 using ALGOL. The pathology system accepted data that was stored locally in an IBM "mag ii" typewriter, then transmitted in batches to be parsed, analyzed, and finally stored in an IMAGE-1000 data base. Detailed listings and summary reports were automatically generated for each batch.

EG&G Mason Research Institute
Bethesda, MD ( 1975 - 1976 )

As a programmer analyst, was responsible for the software development of the Interactive Specimen Inventory Project (ISIS) of the Viral Oncology program of the National Institutes of Health ( NIH ). The ISIS Project was implemented using COBOL and FORTRAN in an IBM 370/168 MVS/TSO mainframe environment. The ISIS data was stored as ISAM files and allowed generic retrieval requests. Subsequent data reporting and specimen retrieval reports were identified and organized under a single "user-friendly" front-end interface program.

Trained a programmer to perform maintenance functions of ISIS.

Resigned to accept the lead technical role in the Biomed Systems, Inc. start-up company.

Burroughs Corporation
Toronto, Ontario ( 1971 - 1972 )

As a programmer on the four member staff at the Canadian Head Office, adapted the corporate business reporting software to the Canadian environment. Held specific responsibility for adapting the Order Entry software. Later developed a general data retrieval and report writer for the stored data, using XALGOL on a Burroughs B-5700 mainframe.

University Of Virginia, Computer Science Center
Charlottesville, Va ( 1969 - 1970 )

As a staff programmer, was responsible for software consulting support to scientific users on a Burroughs B-5000 mainframe using ALGOL, FORTRAN, and ESPOL. Developed x-ray crystallography data processing programs to determine the three-dimensional structure of a Muscle Calcium Binding Protein ( MCBP ), with result published in several journals.


Formal Academic Training

University Of Virginia
College of Arts and Sciences
Charlottesville, Virginia ( 1965 - 1969 )

Undergraduate study in Mathematics, BA degree.

University Of Virginia
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Charlottesville, Virginia ( 1972 - 1975 )

Graduate study towards PhD in Biophysics; focus on computer modeling of the evolution of protein structure; papers published.


Academic Publications

Professional Memberships

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