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The Sentient Perception of Objects

Our consciousness experiences the Physical Realm of Consciousness
a series of organic sensory organs, devices, or faculties,
by which
external or internal stimuli are conveyed to the brain.

Specifically, the following so-called "senses" are well known.

Receptors Location Organ Common Sense Formal Activity
Special External Eyes Color Visual Seeing
Special External Ears Sound Auditory Hearing
Special External Nose Odor Olefactory Smelling
Special External Tongue Flavor Gustatory Tasting
Somatic External Skin Touch Tactile Pressing
Somatic External Skin Temperature Caloric Sensing
Somatic Internal Skin Equilibrium Kinesthetic Moving
Somatic Internal Skin Hunger Nutritional Feeding

Qualification by adjectives is the usual means for describing the Quality of these sensory experiences. The following lists provide a partial spectrum of what our consciousness may experience for each type of sensory input.


External Or Internal Stimuli and Form

The Homeless Mathematician notes that the use of the terms "external or internal stimuli", above, refer to the Physical corpus of the sentient being. In all cases, the stimuli is the result of a Physical Object interacting with a sense organ, of the Physical corpus of the sentient being.

In this respect, it may be more appropriate to use "surface", in lieu of "external", i.e., "surface or internal stimuli", because, with respect to consciousness, everything is external.

The brain, as an internal sense organ, functions as an empathtic processor for our consciousness to perceive the Form and Substance of the Object which generates the stimuli. As such, consciousness may experience each Physical Object as having both an

Thus, the transformation of the Form and Substance of Objects between External and Internal Forms governs the experiences of our consciousness. In turn, our experiences govern our interaction with other Objects, as discussed in The Form of Interaction between Two Objects.

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