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With Reasoning by Analogy :

Quantity is to Analysis
Quality is to Analogy .

With Reasoning by Analysis :

Quantity is an enumberated value
Quality is not Quantity .

The realization of Quality is understood to be anything other than an enumberated value which may be objectively counted in a rational manner. That is to say:

If you know your opinion is subjective,
and seek perfection of form,
in a harmonious universe,

then you have a strong sense of what Quality is all about and will leave matters of Quantity to the "beancounters" and other folks who treat people like numbers. What really matters is that it happens and that it is perfect.

However, because a lot of people are picky about Quantity ( Did I give you a $10 or $20 dollar bill ? ), it is wise to review the formal dictionary definition.



plural - qualities

  1. a. An inherent or distinguishing characteristic; a property. b. A personal trait, especially a character trait: someone with few redeeming qualities.
  2. Essential character; nature: Mahogany has the quality of being durable.
  3. a. Superiority of kind: an intellect of unquestioned quality. b. Degree or grade of excellence: yard goods of low quality.
  4. a. High social position. b. Those in a high social position.
  5. Music. Timbre, as determined by overtones: a voice with a distinctive metallic quality.
  6. Linguistics. The character of a vowel sound determined by the size and shape of the oral cavity and the amount of resonance with which the sound is produced.
  7. Logic. The positive or negative character of a proposition.


Having a high degree of excellence: "He settled in to read Edmund Wilson . . . It was quality time" (Margaret Truman).

[Middle English qualite, from Old French, from Latin quâlitâs, quâlitât-, from quâlis, of what kind.]

Synonyms: quality, property, attribute, character, trait.

These nouns all signify a feature that distinguishes or identifies someone or something.

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