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The Formal Formulations Logo is an encased instance of the two Initials, using the Form of the "Marks of Distinction", from The Calculus of Indications, namely:

Recursion Marks and Iteration Marks

being combined into a single expression, which reduces to a single "Mark of Distinction."

Strongly analogous Logo Forms can be created using other Initial Forms, such as

"Curly Bracket Forms": Iteration Marks

or, "Round Circle Forms": Iteration Marks.

However, these latter Forms lack a visual relevance to Formal Formulations as a business entity. For example, as a business, Formal Formulations is alphabetically listed under "F" for "Formal" and, hence, "FF" is a possible business acronym. The Homeless Mathematician is delighted at how the Formal Formulations Logo is strongly analogous to a "double recursive 'F'".

The mathematics associated with "Marks of Distinction" are presented as "Arithmetic, Non-Numeric". All strong analogies to the Paradigm of Form and Substance uniformly conform to the attributes inherent in the Initial Forms of The Calculus of Indications. This serves as the foundation for formal exercises in formally forming forms to uniformly conform to canonical forms.

On the other hand,
all this may be,
but yet,
another example of "Slack."

Praise Bob !

Bob Bob

Notice Bob's Pipe!

Watch how the Form of His Pipe,
is transformed to reveal
its' "Mark of Distinction."


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Get some "Slack", or,
Just get out of here,
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