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"A Formal Introduction"


Formal Formulations reflects the experience of a web of individuals, who each have decades of experience in the evolution of computer technology, consciousness raising, and human potential. "We had dreams in the 60s. Now the fun can begin." :-) We are dedicated to providing formulations and Specific Services which are elegant in Form and precise in Substance, for example, a Formal Autopsy of Web Pages from Higher Source.

The Laws of Form provide the mathematical foundations for
The Paradigm of Form and Substance.
View a formal proof that three "exclusive-or" operations will
exchange the values between two memory cells,
using techniques from the Calculus of Indications.
Revisit The Golden Rule of Old as The Axiom of Crossing in the
Form and Substance of Cyber-Politics.
Finally, an excellent meditative essay clarifies the
"true, false, and proto" Forms of Science
and references our work here at Formal Formulations.

Java Page - links and stuff all about Java.
SensiView - a true Interactive Java Application
for the observation, evaluation, and rendering
of digital information collected from sensors.
Rendering Methods
Sample Rendering

www.ORBlet.com - Our Common Object Request Broker Architecture web site.
Preservation Resource Group - HiTech forms of sensings.
Access Counters - for Infinite Data Source clients.

www.Tufty.com - Growing a family tree, on the Web.
The Formal Page - mystic ramblings by a mathematician.
The PSI Mall - CyberSurveys, Politics, and quality goods of many kinds.
Northern Auto Parts - Well managed and responsive - the way it should be!
Alfred Bakeware - Modern ceramic bakeware for the kitchen.

"The Race" for President 1996 - Our CyberSurvey of 2500 visitors.
Sri Lanka Survey Project - The Sri Lanka political system meets the Web.
Infomation Warfare 96 - Past conference announcements and links.
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There is a strong Analogy between
the impact of Guttenberg's movable text on paper, and
the impact of hypertext on the InterNet.
With Java Java and Netscape for browsing,
we must recall The History of Zero for an Analogy :

The Form ( Previous Language Systems ) is to the Form ( Java )
The Form ( Roman Numerals ) is to the Form ( Arabic Digits ).

The old technology is based on electrons and copper, dug out from the earth.
The new technology is based on photons and fibers, conceived of in the mind.

Countdown to Supreme Court
Reno v. ACLU: The CDA on Trial Blue Ribbon

The Communications Decency Act

"On the Internet, every single user is a publisher
with the capacity to reach millions of people.
As a result, all of us have a stake
in the outcome of this case."

The outcome of this legal battle will have far reaching implications. At stake is nothing less than the future of the First Amendment in the information age. Thus, Formal Formulations has joined in the Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition, The ACLU, et. al., suit against the CDA, to assure the continued Clarification of Form and Substance.
Golden Key Likewise, the mission of the Internet Privacy Coalition is to promote privacy and security on the Internet, through the widespread public availability of strong encryption, and the relaxation of export controls on cryptography.
"And if my thought-dream could be seen
They'd probably put my head in a guillotine
But it's alright, Ma, it's life, and life only."

---Robert Zimmerman, It's Alright, Ma (1965)


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