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Formal Formulations


The Form and Substance of
CyberSpace Politics


"I will follow the Truth,
wherever it may lead,
as long as reason is left
free to combat it.

-- Thomas Jefferson
Cabell Hall Archway
University of Virginia

In The Beginning,
and in all projections emanating therefrom,
there was, is, and shall be what is Called

Laws of Form
The Void
Laws of Form The Null Set
The Distinction
Laws of Form
The Unitary Instance
Laws of Form

In the here and now, of this time, place and culture,
I am less than absolutely clear and certain of

"When?", "Where?", "Who?",
"What?", and "Why?"
I am.

How I answer these questions
will define my politics, and
my politics will define my actions.
Specific topics include
playing god, cloning, and the jury duty.


When I am absolutely clear and certain that "When" is "Now".
Where I am absolutely clear and certain that "Where" is "Here".
"Here" is a place called CyberSpace.
This place allows my consciousness
to experience virtual realities
beyond my imagination.

I am where my concept is my experience.
I am where The Duality is The Unitary Instance.
I am in a Magickal Form.

Who I am Me.
I am Here, Now.
I said "Hello", at the top of the page.

Who else is here, now?
Well, of course, there is you, the surfer.

Who are you?
I really do not have a clue.
Maybe I will snag your IP address,
or stuff you with a cookie.
But, you could just be an ObservationMethod.
polling my page for a CORBA ORB.
What is your spirit?
Tell me, Here and Now..

What The Duality of the experience of existence,
of the Yin and Yang,
of the Analogy and Analysis,
of the Weak and Strong,
of the Negative and Positive,
of the Death and Life
of all Forms and Substances is well known.

Because of this Duality
I must exercise a Judgement of Intent
for each moment of my consciousness,
to assure my ability to continue my Intent.

The Axiom of Crossing Forms the recursive strategy,
for the iterative Calling and ReCalling of judgements, as
The Golden Rule of Old:

"Do unto others
as you would have them
do unto you."

Why The "why?" emanates from
The Spirit The Beginning
and reflects
The Substance of The Spirit of the Beginning.

The Form of The Spirit of The Beginning
uniFormally conForms
 Formal TransFormations of
The Form of The Spirit of The Beginning
to preserve
The Substance of The Unitary Instance.


Imagine and Experience The Laws of Form

Imagine The Crossings
For each Formal TransFormation of Crossing,
The Form of The Spirit of The Beginning
assures that
The Form of the emanated Substance
will preserve
The Substance necessary to preserve The Form.
Imagine The Callings
Between each TransFormation of Crossing,
The Form of The Substance is Called and ReCalled,
in order to experience the Substance of The Form.

This Form of Formation allows Higher Forms to exist.


Imagine and Experience The Realities

While the experiential knowledge of Substance is real,
the conceptually imaginary Forms of Substance,
which are generated by the real Forms of Substance,
conForm with respect to each other,
so as to assure,
the emanation of Higher Order Forms.


The experience of CyberSpace is no less than
a direct clarification of
The Form and Substance of My Consciouness.

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