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The Form and Substance of
Boundary Mathematics

The original pages regarding
The Form and Substance of Non-Numerical Arithmetics
were constructed during the summer of 1995,
as part of the general discussion of Form and Substance.

A search was conducted, at that time,
for anything else related to G. Spencer-Brown's work,
and only the Laws of Form Page was found.

They have continued to add Substance to their page, since then.
And, much has happened, since then.

I now revisit the Laws of Form as the foundation for Java.
It is another instance where the External and Internal Forms of an Object are identical.
My original assertion ( below ) was incorrect. There are at least three such Objects:

the Null Form;
the Calculus of Indications, and
the Java-like grammers.

Several others have crawled onto the Web also. There is precedence for this, as Mike Somos pointed out to me recently. Jeff Fox has a page in which Forth Meets Laws of Form. However, Java meet Netscape and Windows 95 and Pentiums before Forth did. The form of Java includes the form of the dominant commercial technology.

And the organization behind, NOTATE'96 Abstract: G. Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form...
is the best kept secret I have found in a long time.


The following links have been borrowed from the Laws of Form Page, with the intent of including a review of each.

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