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The Extrapolator Notebook
(always under construction)

Table of Contents

Class Item name


  Eight Keys to Eden 1960
  Occam's Razor 1639
  A Definition of "Problem" 1971
  etc. 1982
  The 1982
  Communication 1982
  Soyuz-Apollo 1982
  Theories of Change 1976
  All the Believers have Died 1980
  believing is seeing 1923
  Evaluation of Creativity 1967
  Wisdom 1982
  Strange Rites 1964
  Three Sides to Every Story 1711
  the foundation of freedom 1980
  Questions 1982
  Five Functions of Questions 1981
  M.I.T. Questions  
  Outline of Problem Analysis  
  Leonardo da Vinci  
  Intuition 1982
  Laws of Thought 1982
  Cognition and Xenodochy 1982
  Non-homeocentric Communication 1974
  Sentient Sovereignty (above with ethics added) 1975
  Humpty Dumpty 1872
  EURISKO 1984
  Non-Aristotelian Systems 1982
  Do/Be 1983
  Knows and Knows Not  
  Validity 1973
  Thirteen Mistakes 1966
  Leadership Paradoxes 1968
  Twelve irrational formulations 1961
  Medical Sequence 1973
  Levels or perspectives on the use of language 1997
  Stages of Moral Development by Lawrence Kohlberg 1971
  Maslow's Need Levels 1954
  Numerical Scales 1944
  Sex Differences 1992
  Joy: Expanding Human Awareness 1967
  Interpersonal Communication Structure 1975
  Synectics 1961
  Formal - Informal - Technical 1959
  Meditation styles and EEG's 1978
  Learning Theories 1976
  Counseling and Psychotherapy 1977
  The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense 1980
  Politics and the Republican agenda 2003
  Four Keys To Political Success and commentary 1977
  computer logic 2005
  Air Traffic Control using Virtual Reality 1993
new irresistible force meets immovable object 2006


my United States of America: Energy Policy 1991


Semantic and Symbolic Environments 2016
  the origin of the universe according to me long ago
  Three Haiku: What is Mathematics 1981
  D E S I D E R A T A 1927
  C O N S I L I U M  
  Imaginary Numbers in a Real Garden 1965
  There was a Lady named Bright...  
  Loneliness 1962
  Hugs Recycled 1981
  A Definition of Friendship 1859
  L I F E  
  How Can You Love Him? 1982
  Love and Honor - Richard Lovelace 1659
  Love by Kenneth L. Grooms  
  When I Told Her She Was Sexy...  
  Physicists' Bill of Rights 1965
  Sufi and Zen  
  On the Origin of Species 1859
  Atheism teaches (believers see this)  
  Atheists claim (believers see this)  
  Solstice (believers see this)  
  Doubt and Faith 2003
  In the name of God (Jimmy Carter) 2002
  The Calf-Path  
  Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody  
  Systematic Phrase Projector  
  The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States 1789
  Statement of Belief on nuclear weapons 1969
  Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll 1865
  Flight by Bruce A Kenyon (1944-2003) 2003
  Virginia Ann Sturtevant (1942-2003) 2003
  Mayonnaise and Coffee 2004
  A Jumping Bean by Ralph Kenyon 1976
new The First Day by Christina Georgina Rossetti 1849?
  Hedonic Response in Problem Solving 1983
  Pseudoscience 1985
  What I wish I had been told about sex when I was young 1987
  Substance Abuse: The Invisible Issue 1988
  Locke's Theory of Knowledge 1989
  Estimating mileage change as temperature changes 1994
  Atomism and Infinite Divisibility 1994
  Index of published articles  
  Bibliography of General Semantics Papers  
  PolyMorphic Systems 8813 1976
  Dvorak Keyboard Layout  
  Get Off the Earth  
  Indian Prayer  
  Six Stages of Human Information Processing 1978
  The Future 1977
  Idries Shah