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This is a simple search engine.  It does not understand quotation.  It understands words and spaces or phrases.  If you type "these here words", it will match on any page that contains "these, here, and words", but not on pages that only contain these and words without the quotation marks. To search for a specific date, type the month in full and day, as in April 9 or May 5 and use the phrase option. If you search for April 1, the search will find April 1, April 10, etc. If you only want April 1, type a space after the "1" as in "April 1 ". If you want to search for an email address, you will need to search using the parts of the email address before and after the "@" sign using the codes mode. Do not include the "@"; use a space instead.

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This nms Simple Search is copyright © London Perl Mongers, and the original code can be found at Matt's Script Archive.