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Sentient Sovereignty

1975 (variation of Non-homeocentric Communication with ethics added)

When in the course of the evolution of an intelligent species, sentience is achieved, it becomes possible for members of that species to know that what 'is' cannot be directly known, but only inferred from their varying perceptions. It then becomes imperative that a formulation be made of the assumptions that had underlain the communications among members of that species - that the import of those assumptions be accessible as the basis of interaction among sentient entities.


That others not will that I not be, I shall not will that others not be. (I shall not commit murder.)

That others not will that I perceive what not be, I shall not will not that others perceive what be. (I shall not lie.)

To the extent that others can satisfy my needs, I shall satisfy the needs of others, and to the extent that I can satisfy the needs of others, I shall expect others to satisfy my needs.

I perceive that I experience pain when my expectations are not met, and accept that this is true for others also. I attempt to recognize the expectations of others and try to meet them, as I have a need to minimize pain, however; this does not meet my need unless the other reciprocates. I experience pain if I expect the other to reciprocate and he does not. Through empathy, I experience pain if I do not meet the expectation of others. 

Source: Ralph Kenyon (1975)