General Semantics and Related Topics

Bibliography of General Semantics Papers by Ralph Kenyon
Most papers are available for reading on-line.

Relevant Recommended Readings

The World of Null-A - A. E. Van Vogt and General Semantics
My first encounter with general semantics came as a direct result of reading The World of Null-A

A (very) few quotes from Alfred Korzybski

There is a lot of "crap" on the Internet being offered as "general semantics". I make no attempt to censor access to any of these sites. The links below include "wheat and chaff". You'll find insights, thought provoking articles, pompous egos, frauds, etc., - the whole gauntlet of human proclivities. Read with caution, use your own judgment.  I certainly don't agree with it all.

The Institute of General Semantics
"to promote and conduct Linguistic, Epistemologic, Scientific Research and Education."

Read only access to the Institute of General Semantics Discussion List

The Place of Aristotelian Logic in Non-Aristotelian Evaluating:
Einstein, Korzybski, and Popper
by Stuart Mayper
(This link no longer functions, because the Institute of General Semantics has removed the article.)

International Society for General Semantics
has merged with the Institute of General Semantics"

New York Society for General Semantics

The European Society for General Semantics has refused to establish a reciprocal link to this site. "We link only website that have articles that meet our  gs quality standards [italics mine] . . . ."  - It looks like censorship is alive and well (see above) .

Related Topics

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Albert Ellis Institute applying Rational Emotive Therapy

Abraham Maslow's Hierachy of needs

Comparison between Karl Pribram's "Holographic Brain Theory" and more conventional models of neuronal computation

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