Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

"We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; ..."
You heard it on the 4th.
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... ARE inherent & inalienable Rights!

Notice, the founding fathers put 'life' before 'liberty'.
That has been upheld by the courts.
You/we do not have the liberty to put life in jeopardy.
Free speech is limited by the right to life.
Free choice is limited by the right to life.
The three laws of Democracy.
Healthcare is life.
Choice is liberty.
Wealth is happiness.
Life (healthcare) takes precedence over liberty (choice) by the first law.
Liberty (choice) takes precedence over pursuit of happiness (wealth) by the second law.

Life (1), liberty (2), and the pursuit of happiness (3)!

So say we all.  So Say We All!  SO SAY WE ALL!!!

See: The Constitutional Status of Healthcare for more.

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