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The Whites

My mother always said, "them that has, gets."

  1. Before the Renaissance the White Sovereigns ruled the Serfs and looked down upon and exploited them in the British Isles, Europe, and more. Them that had, got, at the expense of the Serfs, building class-conscious stratified societies in which them that had exploited them that had not during the Renaissance.
  2. Whites with came to America bringing indentured Servants, them that had not, preserving the stratified culture, exploiting them that had not.
  3. Whites with exploited the Native Americans, considering them as lower class. When they revolted the Whites called them Savages, and began a century of displacement and extermination.
  4. During this period Whites with imported Africans as Slaves to get more at the expense of them that had not.
  5. For centuries, some of the exploited and downtrodden, them that had not, have come to America, worked hard, and joined them that have, always to the resentment of the White them that has. Africans, Jews, Indians, Spanish, Native Americans, the Irish, the Italians, Asians, have all suffered the brunt of resentment and prejudice from the White them that has who see the former as encroaching on what the White them that has see as their own.
  6. The White them that has has instituted a century-long program to get more at the expense of them that has not.
  7. In the last year Trump and his cronies of obsequious plutocrats and colluding Conservative Republican congresspersons have shown their true colors, extreme White supremacist 'them that has, gets', traitors to the American principles of the Declaration of Independence and the preamble to the Constitution of the United States.

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