The Navy and me -Miami University NROTC

After the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit, I was accepted for the NESEP program and sent to college to earn a degree. I would pay the navy back by giving back three years for every two years of schooling. Upon completion of the bachelors degree program, I would be sent to Officer Candidate School and be commissioned an Ensign.

Here I am in full dress blues on my way to the High Point Dinner after the first semester.  Starting out on the "Dean's List" is a good thing.

At Miami, I majored in mathematics with a minor in physics. I took fencing and Tang Soo Do karate.  My first son, Ralph, was born just before I reported for duty.  While stationed here, My second son, Ernest, was also born.

By the time I graduated, I had taken the top prize in mathematics in each of my four years there.

Applying for my Commission in 1968

Dressed for the High-Point Dinner


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