cognition and xenodochy

Cognition: The action or faculty of knowing taken in its widest sense, including sensation, perception, conception, etc., as distinguished from feeling and volition. cognition & xenodochy

Xenodochy: Hospitality to strangers, particularly the reception of foreigners; living together with other species on friendly terms; recognizing and supporting civil rights for aliens. Sentient Sovereignty

A significant detriment to the principles offered here is prejudice.  If we are to be really prepared to support these principles, we must have a means to overcome prejudice. That means is knowledge of the foundations of prejudice and how to use that knowledge to overcome it.  In keeping with the principle of sentient sovereignty, this is personal knowledge - knowledge one can use oneself - not knowledge one can control others with.

A prerequisite for understanding these intra-organismic and inter-organismic issues is understanding the structural elements of mobile organisms in their environments - the philosophy of mobile life.  The perspective for these views is informed by the study of general semantics, which commands us to consider the organism in its environment as a whole, and the philosophy of simple life (working drafts).

One of my aims here is to develop a comprehensive organized view of knowledge - informed by, but unencumbered by, conventional views.

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